How We Brought In 5 New Patients
For A Medical Practice In 4 Days...

With having a Medical Practice, finding new ways to bring in patients, let alone bringing in patients all together, can be a daunting task. A great majority of Practices and Clinics still rely on methods such as mailers, billboards, referrals, and even word-of-mouth. While these methods still prove to have some affect, they are quickly dying out as the Digital World is expanding rapidly. With this in mind, Premier Foot & Ankle Center realized quickly that they needed to do something to bring in new patients for a second practice location they had recently opened up.

In May of 2019, just a couple short months ago, they decided to give Facebook & Instagram Advertising a try to see how it would work out. Advertising at this level can be very difficult to start without any prior knowledge, so they decided to hand over the task to us, something they are very glad they did. With using Facebook & Instagram Advertising, it's always best to advertise for a specific Medical Service or Product, rather than just run general ads.

For Premier Foot & Ankle Center, Dr. Joseph Coscino wanted to bring in New Patients for his Custom Prescription Orthotics, one of his "Bread 'n Butter" services. We were able to showcase his Custom Prescription Orthotics and why they are superior to competing brands through a multitude of videos we made professionally, several of which we used for the ads themselves.

Once we produced several high-quality videos, we were ready to begin setting up the ads. In setting up the ads, we conducted proper research that would allow us to target the right people within a local vicinity. Not long after, we got the ads running with a budget of around $15/day. Our goal with the first ad was to generate as many leads as possible at the lowest cost possible. We were able to initially attain 5-10 new leads per day at an average cost per lead of around $2.50. As defined by the way we run ads, a lead is someone that sees an advertised product or service that they are interested in, and enters basic information willingly in order to learn more about the service/product. With a rapidly-growing database of fresh leads, we then began setting up sequences to follow-up with and nurture these leads to the point of conversion.


Ultimately, new leads don't mean much until they are converted into new patients. This is we set up a multitude of retargeting sequences involving Emails, Texts, and Retargeting On Facebook itself to help achieve this goal. Once retargeting was implemented, the results were staggering...

Within four days of starting the retargeting ad on Facebook & Instagram, Dr. Joseph Coscino got five appointment-scheduling phone calls with New Patients from the ads. If you are unfamiliar with what a "Unique Outbound Click" is, in this case, that value represents a phone call made directly from the advertisement. These five new patients scheduled appointments to have Custom Prescription Orthotics made, a $500 service that can be paid for out-of-pocket or is covered by most insurance plans.


And the best part about these new patients is that they are worth $500 to Premier Foot & Ankle Center up front, not even accounting for the other services they may receive from Dr. Coscino in the long-run.


Also, these new patients were attained only within the first four days. Five days later, we brought in another Four New Patients...

Within the span of a little over one week, we were immediately able to increase revenue for Premier Foot & Ankle Center by $4500, which turns out to be an increase of $54,000 a year in new revenue.


The advertisements and retargeting sequences are still in their early stages, so this number is projected to be larger within the coming months as results optimize and costs continue to decrease.

Premier Foot & Ankle Center's goals moving forward are to increase budgeting with current advertisements, as well as start advertising and bringing in new revenue for other services they offer.


To see the ongoing project with Premier Foot & Ankle Center, and to see the full scale of all work we are successfully carrying out them, click to learn more below

Being specialized in working with Medical Practices & Clinics for some time now, we have created a specialized plan that works for any Practice or Speciality. The process is evergreen, all it comes down to is finding the right service to start advertising with and producing high-quality video content to serve as advertisements. The rest is a cake walk, though everything takes time to put together and begin running. We have been working with Premier Foot & Ankle Center for two months now, and the results we depict above are most recent to-date.


With the effectiveness and delivery of these advertisements, it allows us to only work with a limited number of Practices & Clinics within a local region. If any of this process interests you, or you want to get started with bringing new patients into your practice or clinic, you can schedule a consultation call with us where we can tell you more about it and discuss where you are currently at with your practice or clinic.