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5 New Patients In 4 Days...

Since May 2019

Main Practice Location

1S 067 Summit Avenue

Oakbrook Terrace, IL 60181

Premier Foot & Ankle Center began working with us earlier this year, back in May (2019). Lead doctor and practice owner, Dr. Joseph Coscino, wanted to utilize a new way of getting patients through his door. In the past, he had tried Mailer Campaigns, simple email blasts, and other Traditional ways of marketing, which simply were just not working as they used to when he opened his practice back in 1993.

How Did We Do This?

We were able to generate 28 leads using a hyper targeting strategy that we can replicate with any business. These 28 leads were specifically for dental implants, which Dr. Samantha Rabor charges up to $3,000 for. Once we generate leads for a business, they can easily be translated into sales using in-house strategies that we can either implement or carry out for you.

Getting 155 New Leads In One Month

Since December 2018


211 West Lake Street

Chicago, IL 60606

(1 of several Locations)

CryoEffect Coldspa began working with us in December of 2018. Cryotherapy is a new trend in the world of health/fitness, which means not a lot of people know what it is or how it works yet. With this being the case, CryoEffect wanted to learn how they could teach more people about what Cryotherapy is and how they could get more customers through their doors. This is where we come in to play. In their .first month of working with us, we were able to easily get .155 new potential clients into their Cryotherapy treatment program. Business is growing and expanding fast for them, as they are now opening up 2 more locations in Chicago.

Getting 605New Leads In 1 Month

Since January 2018

Windy City Ninjas

2500 W Bradly Place Unit H

Chicago, IL 60618

Owners Tom and Emily Rhomberg with Windy City Ninjas began working with us in .December of 2018. Having opened up a new business facility with an interesting backstory, they were incredibly eager to grow their new venture. They started off doing well, however, they reached a plateau and weren’t able to see consistent growth. With a strong will to take their business to the next level, they reached out to us and were able to see phenomenal results immediately. Now, we are pulling in hundreds of leads per month for them, and converting most of those leads into revenue-increasing happy customers (Around .600 Leads Their First Month…)